My Life in Cali : Don’t Stop Dancing Girl..



You already know that I looove music festivals..I’ve been waiting for so long to go to one..I know that it is not EDC or Coachella but still … It’s been 6 months I haven’t been to ONE. So i had great time with my besties and the weather was so nice in San Diego as well..We explored a few places down there.It was like a Ghost town.I think everyone left the city for the weekend but I kinda like it much better.We stop by Huntington Beach and visit some of our friends too..In sum,I had a wonderful memorial weekend with great memories… ❤

I hope you all had a great weekend too!




“The Sartorialist” Documentary -Street Fashion Photography

Film explores the life of street style fashion blogger The Satorialist (Scott Schuman). Documenting his unique approach to photography and his keen eye for style.