Love is in my Shoes,Obviously.

Love those cute little white red hearted-socks. Socks are a super tiny detail of our daily outfit.Most of the time they are not even seen.But with the intention to differentiate and spicing up our outfit they are not standing behind-the-scene … Continue reading

HOW I MET YOUR FATHER (‘Cómo conocí a tu padre’)

Every couple has two stories: the one they tell their children… and the real one.

Featuring Irene Anula and Iñaki Ardanaz, the short film was written and directed by Álex Montoya and has earned thirty something awards, including a honorable mention @Sundance 2010.
It was filmed during two nights, with a budget of a thousand euros and a crew of just three.
Cinematography by Jon D. Domínguez and music by Rebeca Gargallo, Elastic Band and Yama feat. Caliq.
PALMARÉS “ Cómo conocí a tu padre”
Awards “How I met your father”

Tees I like On Fab.Com

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