Meet “Zigg”




I met him at a Coffee Shop called “Commissary” today. ( I love coffee shops by the way.only hippie side of me probably..) He is 6 years old but he still thinks and acts like a puppy.. I can totally tell he is not aware of his age.

He was so friendly. I was the only person sitting by myself. (by choice) and he just literally came and sit with me till I left and he didn’t even bother me.He only showed love when I look and give a hand to him..So I ended up taking his pics.

Every dog loves Cameras here maybe it’s because of the Hollywood vibe I don’t know but he didn’t really liked it.

Now I will remember him forever..

I loved Zigg.

Thanks for letting me take your photos even though you didn’t like it..

Have a puppy day, Zigg! šŸ™‚

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