My life in Cali: Vintage Cars & Weirdness


The owner of this car repair shop is around his 70-80ies most probably but he was such a sweet and down to earth old guy who really loves cars that he painted his car on the wall. He calls her “EMY” how cute is that!

It meant a lot to me tho! Because I’m the same way. I’ve always named my cars.My first car’s name was Grey because it was a grey toyota and she was a girl in her 20s and energetic ( up to me) i’ve had so many wonderful memories with her.. Then I had a Ford Explorer.A huge and pretty old one.(when i compare it to other cars I’ve own) I called him ROBERT. He was a grandpapa with half broken old horn-rimmed glasses and he was wearing a checkered shirt with coat racks. He took care of me more than I did take care of him. He was very emotional since he has lost his wife tho.Now I own a Creme Mini Cooper that has black stripes on it.I love her. She is brand new, classy,attractive fun energetic doesn’t give a f’ck,cool as sh’t.( up to me) I call her femme fatale. I didn’t named her with a real name yet.I don’t know why.It is maybe because when i first bought her I imagined her as a “he” actually and started calling him “Steven” and sometimes “stevish” but then I didn’t feel like she was a real “he”.Or Oops,Stevish was gay.Anyways,It was always all about  my imagination.You would think I’m crazy but I’m who I am. I can’t blame you.. I’ve always had strong emotional connections with things that I’ve own.Maybe that’s why I don’t commit so easily (or not at all) and I don’t really care about people that much in terms of intimate relationships (I love people).Maybe that’s kinda my way of escaping a commitment or blocking my feelings.That would make sense tho because it’s been almost 5 years I haven’t really felt anything strong towards anyone..Oh well, life..

Hopefully one day that might change but if it doesn’t change I’m ok with that as well. I’m happy with my life.I’m happy with who I am.I’m happy that I have an amazing family.That’s all I need.

In short, this men,this shop,those cars,the conversation I had with him.. brought me into my own world. It is good to meet people that does the same crazy things that you think you are the only one who does that and keep it as a secret because people would think you are so WEIRD.

But, I guess we are all weird in different ways. Enjoy your weirdness. That’s the most unique thing you have in life.

Have a weird day! 🙂





DSC_0841 DSC_0839


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