My Life in Cali: Urban Outfitters Friday.


I went to Santa Monica Beach today and I was planning to rent a bike and enjoy the sun and the beach.That was a perfect plan for a beautiful Friday afternoon.Unfortunately I ended up being late because of the work and the lovely LA traffic.So when I found myself there, the sun was gone.The bike rental store was closed and the beach was all empty..Pretty sad.I thought to myself… ” I have few hours to kill.” I decided to take a walk on 3rd street promenade and I,of course, found myself at the Urban Outfitters store. (Expectable Me! ) So I literally looked at every single item I guess.I wanted to share the things I liked and thought that they are pretty awesome.

If you have a few minutes to kill take a look at them.

By the way it was REALLY difficult for me to leave the store not buying anything.I’m on a shopping diet..and it seems like it’s going all well.

Have a Nice Weekend!





IMG_0863 2







IMG_0880 2


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