4 thoughts on “Never Settle For Less than You Deserve

  1. There are a lot of inspiring ‘words’ you have put down in this post + title. The problem arises when you get down to each and every word. What do they mean, and what can you ‘do’ about it?

    Never settle … well, reality is always in motion, but is also always NOW … therefor it is not really possible to ‘settle’ (even if you tried;)

    You deserve … hmmm, what does one deserve? That is really really tricky;)

    Protest … also a difficult subject. Protest in general means you do not accept what is happening … and that (‘not accepting’) is a ‘trap’ (be aware of traps;)

    Mediocrity … again, what is it? True, with certain ‘glasses’ I could see a lot of ‘mediocrity’ (but that again is also denying ‘reality’)

    Passionately … this is a beautiful word. One should always be passionate. True passionate, even passionate of mediocrity;)

    Well, I did counter you post with a lot of counter words. Don’t take them seriously. I was just in the mood of writing down some stuff, triggered by your kind avalanche of ‘likes’ on my post.

    Thx and brgds,

    • Hi Max,

      WOW! Thanks for spending your time.It means a lot to me.I always love to hear different opinions.I enjoyed reading every word you wrote like 2-3 times.

      I believe in passion more than anything.I agree with you that it is one of those most beautiful words that has ever existed.

      I believe every person has a concept in his or her mind of what he DESERVES or not to a point.So it is really subjective.Every other person will implement it differently since everyone’s life, job, point of view etc..is so different than each other.

      But I believe in dreaming big will bring you big.That’s what I observed and experienced in my life.I nailed everything I thought I will be the best at this..and that..

      In short,
      I believe in “BELIEVING” and “DREAMING”.

      I don’t believe in “in betweens” and “mediocrity” (my mediocrity 😉 ) I HATE THAT.
      I’m kind of a black or white person.maybe that’s why that meant a lot to me.

      It won’t mean anything for a person who enjoys his/her mediocrity.I just hate it…there is no reason or any explanation behind that.This is all about me.I over react or not react at all. I like something a lot or not at all..

      Protest.. I also always believe in iconoclasm.rebels.protests.I see that part as a fight you are giving for to get what you want.even when you are accepting a defeat, it is hard…you are giving a fight inside.sometimes you do things in life that you don’t really want to do.At that point you are protesting the thing that is happening or a person or your whole life.I grew up in a country that we (women) need to protest anything we want to get because women are overestimated and the traditions won’t allow us to do what we really want to do in life.So I protested to get wat i want like many other women.I didn’t settle with what I have and my mom did the same thing when she was at my age.In years now every women is much more free and well-respected.It all happened because we PROTESTED.

      Settling… I don’t really know what it means.I’ve never really settle down and I don’t want to.

      So every word here means a lot to me.It is my perspective.. I just wanted to tell you what I think just right away. I’m not sure if it will make sense or not but again THANKS for that and thanks for being deep. I love that. A few just overthink these days.

      And..You’re welcome.I truly like your posts.



      • Your reply is very ‘passionate’, that is good. When you wrote that reply you probably felt an ‘inspirational flow of words coming automatically’. Probably you didn’t have to think about it too much, because it just flowed from you.

        That ‘flowing’ is the beautiful thing. The ‘secret of life’ if you like. As they say ‘just let it flow’.

        Mediocrity is caused by 2 things: No-respect and no-talent

        So one should always try follow ones ‘talent’. And do that with ‘respect’ … and probably your dreams WILL come through.

        E.g. in a situation where women are not able to pursue there talents (to do what they really want) then it is ‘good’ to fight and protest, as that is the ‘normal flow’ (reaction) against the ‘disrespect’ towards those women.

        It is difficult to put into words. It is a balance thing.

        To conclude, may I give you one little thing to think over … the word ‘Hate’. It is a strong word. For me it is too strong. I don’t like it (and I’m no saint, I can curse as the best;) Hate has something of disrespect into it. Simple example, don’t say ‘I hate coffee’ just stick to ‘I dont like coffee’ … you see, the ‘coffee’ does its very best to please people, so you are showing no respect for the ‘coffee’ if you hate it (but of course you ARE allowed to ‘not like coffee’ … but that is completely different from hating;)


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