– Technology Renaissance –

                                Image TIGRAN TSITOGHDZYAN

From the very first moment that I’ve seen this impressive oil canvas made by Tigran Tsitoghdzyan, a very talented Armenian artist who started to paint at the age of 5, I couldn’t help myself looking at it more than 10 times.After finding out what Tigran was trying to show and express with his art piece,I’m thrilled.I love the idea behind it even more than I love what I see.The idea behind the Mirror was bigger than I thought.

In “Mirror”,Tigran criticizes the tech-reliant culture we live in.He calls that “Technology Renaissance”

The attribute of a woman’s visage through a pair of hands that are placed over the subject’s face,attempting to cloak her physical identity.However,there is no way for this woman to conceal herself.It is reflective of internet culture in the world we live in,today,where it continually becomes exceedingly difficult to reach any level of “anonymity”

The original Price for the Oil Canvas in 40×60 is $ 1,198 but you can also buy his artwork in prints which starts from $177.I love his other artworks as much as I like the “Mirror” artwork.You can directly go to his website by clicking on the image or go to www.tigran.ch and you can reach him at (email) tigran@tigran.ch

You can also buy his artwork online from http://www.saatchionline.com/profile/204141

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